Best Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime All Time

Best Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime All Time

Best Thriller Movies Amazon Prime: Everybody loves to watch a great thriller with excellent twists and turns which can blow our mind completely. There are some wonderful thrillers out there which can make you think what the hell just happened in the movie. So here are the best thrillers of all time which are available on Amazon Prime Video.

Best Thriller Movies Of All Time That are Available On Amazon Prime

Best Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime All Time

1) Shutter Island:

Based on the novel written by the Dennis Lahane, The Shutter island is a great adaption of the novel directed by none other than Martin Scorsese. Just that name is enough that the movie is going to be wonderful. But the cast of the movie is top notch, With the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio, Ben Kingsley, and Mark Ruffalo the movie can be expected to be an absolutely wonderful movie. This is definitely a must watch movie for all the thriller fans, The ending of the movie is absolutely top notch. 

2) Train To Busan

Train to Busan is one of the best zombie movies out there, The Movie is directed by Yeon Sang-Ho and the story revolves around a zombie which boards a train full of passengers and within no time the whole train turn into zombies. How will a man and a daughter will save themselves from this problem. What are the consequences they have to face? That’s the whole plot of the movie. The screenplay is absolutely top notch and right from the first scene to the last scene, You will enjoy every bit of the movie. 

3) Inception.

Inception is an mind bending movie directed by none other than Christopher Nolan who is known for making different types of movies. The story revolves Cobb the role played by Leonardo Dicaprio who steals important information from the dreams of his target. Then he and his team get an even bigger job of stealing an important information from an business tycoon. The movie is absolutely wonderful and you will understand the importance of being in a dream and what happens in the dream world. Nolan is an absolute genius in handling these types of movies. The lead roles in the movie are played by Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom hardy, Cillian Murphy and Joseph Gordon. 

4) Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

The Fourth part of the Mission Impossible Series is an excellent action thriller movie and the lead role in this movie is played by Tom Cruise who is known for these type of action movies. The movie revolves around Tom Cruise’s team IMF who are wrongly accused of bombing the Kremlin. How does Ethan and his team find out who is behind all this? Will they stop the man who is having even more bigger plans to destroy an entire nation? That is what the plot is all about. The stunts in this movie are top notch especially the Burj Khalifa climbing scene is breath taking. 

5) Gone Girl.

Gone Girl is an excellent thriller based on the novel written by Gillian Flynn. The Movie revolves around Amy Dunne who mysteriously disappears on the day of their wedding anniversary. The whole media and her family starts accusing her husband Nick Dunne. How does he find his wife? Why did she disappear? That’s the whole plot of the movie. The Movie is directed by David Fincher and the lead roles are played by Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.

6) Knives Out.

Knives Out is an yet another thrilling movie directed by Rian Johnson, The Plot revolves the death of the novelist Harlan Thrombey, But who is the killer? To find this out famous detective Benolt Blanc comes to investigate the case. Everyone in the house is connected to the murder and everybody is the suspect. How does the detective find out who is the killer? That is the whole plot of the movie. The lead roles are in the movie are played by Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Christopher Plummer, Ana De Armas and many others. 

7) Raazi.

Last but not least, The Raazi movie based on the novel Calling Sehmat written by Harinder Sikka. The plot revolves around Sehmat Khan who is an undercover RAW agent married to a Pakistani family by her father so that she can get important info about the enemy. This movie is really wonderful and the movie is directed by Meghna Gulzar. 

So these are the best thrillers available on Amazon Prime Video, Even though there are so many thriller movies on the OTT Platform. But we chose the best out of the best for you. We are quite sure that you will definitely like these movies. 

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