Best thriller movies on Netflix all time

Best thriller movies on Netflix all time

Best thriller movies on NetflixThrillers are the type of genres which can bring chills and thrills down our spine. Thrillers are the best genres out there because they have every small element included in them. There are twists, turns, love, suspense, horror, fiction and many more. That is why, it may be novels or movies. Thrillers are always the best and will remain the best genres. So here we are providing you some best thrillers of all time available on Netflix. 

Best thriller movies on Netflix all time

Best thriller movies on Netflix all time

1) Hush

Hush is an excellent thriller movie directed by Mike Flanagan who is known for directing horror and psychological thriller movies. The Plot revolves around a deaf and dumb writer who is alone in the woods. But a killer is after her life, What does she do to save herself from the killer? How will she survive? Will she be able to escape from the killer? That is what the story is all about. The Lead roles in the movie are played by Katie Siegel, John Gallagher Jr. and many others.

2) Night Crawler

Night crawler is a type of movie in which you will love the performance of the actor. The Plot is all about Louis Bloom who is kind of disturbed and he realizes that he can make money just by capturing the photographs of crime scene. But what will he do to make this crime scene even more interesting? To what extent does Louis Bloom go to make money? That is what the story is all about, Jack Gyllenhaal is the show stealer of this movie. His performance in the movie is absolutely top notch and you will love him and the movie as well. 

3) Angels and Demons

Based On the International Bestselling book of the Dan Brown Angels and Demons. The Plot revolves around Robert Langdon who is a symbologist. He tries to stop a secret society from destroying the Vatican City. There are various clues in the Rome, Which leads to the secret society’s hidden place. This is a war between the science and religion. How does Robert Langdon Save the Vatican City? The movie is definitely one of the best and the screenplay is the best of the best. Tom hanks as Robert Langdon has done wonderful job. Ewan McGregor, Ayelet Zurer, and Stellan Skarsgard have played important roles in the movie.

4) Bird Box

Based On the novel Bird Box, The Plot revolves around a mysterious face which is killing the people if they see it. One thing is for certain, If you see it you die. The remaining survivors tried to avoid coming face to face with this entity by tying a cloth to their eyes. How will they survive this entity? Will they be able to save themselves? That is the remaining plot of the movie. The Movie is wonderfully paced and you will definitely love this movie. 

5) The Invisible Guest

The Invisible Guest is the English version of the Spanish movie Contratiempo. The story revolves around a young businessman who wakes up in a locked room next to the body of this dead lover. Then he hires an prestigious lawyer to defend the case for him. They work together to find out what exactly happened in that locked room. There are so many twists and turns in the movie and you will definitely love the ending. 

6) Game Over

Last but not least, Game Over is an out of box thriller movie. The Plot revolves around Swapna who is a game designer and suffers from PTSD and lives alone with her housemaid. Her life completely turns upside down when a serial killer enters her house, making her play an unusual game for survival. Tapsee Pannu is seen in the lead role and the movie is absolutely wonderful. 

So these are the best thriller available on Netflix. There are some many other wonderful thriller movies like Extraction, Split, Invitation and the invisible guardian. Even these are wonderful movies as well. Which chose the best of them provided the info to you. We are definitely quite sure that you will like these movies and get thrilled. 

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