G-Zombie Movie OTT Release Date, Digital Rights and Satellite Rights

G-Zombie Movie OTT Release Date

G Zombie Movie (2021)

G-Zombie Movie OTT Release Date

G-Zombie is an upcoming scientific fiction movie releasing in theatres soon. The movie is directed by Deepu, and the producer of the movie is Surya. The entire cast of the movie are: Aryan, Rajasekhar Aningi, Gowtham Avula and Divya Pandey. The movie is releasing in theatres on February 5th 2021. The Cinematography is handled by SR Sekhar, The music work is handled by Vinod Kumar. The Editing work is done by Pawan Kumar. 

G-Zombie Cast and Crew:

The entire cast of the movie are: Aryan, Rajasekhar, Gowtham Avula, Divya Pandey, Lokesh Charan, Manoj vanapala, Harsha and many others.

  • The movie is directed by Deepu.
  • The project is ventured by Surya.
  • The Cinematography and Editing work is handled by SR Sekhar and Pawan Kumar.
  • The Music and The BGM work is handled by Vinod Kumar.
Movie Name
G Zombie (2021)
GenreZombie Horror
Release DateFebruary 05, 2021
DirectorAryan & Deepu
Lead ActorsAryan Gowra, Divya Pandey
EditorPavan Kumar V
PhotographyS R Sekhar
Music Vinod Kumar (Vinnu)
VFX SupervisorPavan VFX Kommoju
ColoristU Kalyan Chakravarthy
Movie Rating4/5

G-Zombie Movie Details and OTT rights.

As of now, These are all the details we have about this movie. The trailer looks really good and for a newcomers, The effort put in the movie is really commendable. Kudos to the producer for believing the director and the new comers and giving them a chance in the movie. The plot looks thrilling and interesting as well. The cast of the movie did wonderful work in the movie. The movie is releasing on 5th Of February 2021 in theatres itself. It’s not an OTT release at all. The movie is the first zombie in telugu film industry and we should encourage the unique content to come up. The audience will show more interest in this movie and if the movie gets a good response then it’s the pathway for many youngsters and young directors to tell different story to the audience. 

G-Zombie Movie OTT Release Date

We want our followers and readers to watch this family entertainer with your family in theatres itself. and support the people who are trying their best to bring entertainment in this pandemic situation and the effort is quite commendable.

Genre: Zombie/ Horror
Digital Rights: Amazon Prime Video
OTT Release Date: February 25, 2021

We strictly oppose this type of piracy websites, Please stay away from such websites and support the movies which are unique and distinctive. Even though the government trying their best to block the websites from leaking the content online. But they keep on popping up with a different domain name. So if the government starts tracking who are engaging with piracy websites, They can also get arrested.

The theatres are following strict precautions on Covid-19 situation. Even though there might be a hint of risk involved in this matter. But theatres are following every step to make it an wonderful experience for the audience. But because of this piracy websites, They leak the movie after the first show itself with different types of resolutions in their website. You can also stream the movie on a third party website or download the movie on to your device. That’s how the movie theatres, producers and distributors are facing losses.

Final Words:

We request you to please don’t download the movies from this website. This can bring big loss to the movie producers who have invested in the movie. Not only to the producers but also to the distributors and other crew members will also have to face losses. We don’t support piracy. So watch G-Zombie movie an unique movie and the first zombie movie in telugu movie industry.

It would be wonderful how the director has shown the zombies in this movies. We might have seen them Hollywood movies but this is going to be different. So let’s watch this movie in theatres itself or you can wait for the movie to release on an registered OTT Platform. There is no news about which OTT Platform has got the rights for this movie, or you can wait for the movie to telecast on the television. Say NO to piracy and support genuine platforms and young talent who are coming up with different stories.

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