How to Watch Mogalirekulu Serial Online

Mogalirekulu Serial Watch Online

Mogali Rekulu is one of the most popular TV serials which includes Drama, Romance and action. This serial is produced by Srikanth Entertainments Private Limited. The first episode was aired on 18th Of February 2008, and it continued till 24th Of May 2013. A total of 1368 episodes directed by Manjula Naidu and the serial is written by Bindu Naidu.

Mogalirekulu (TV Show)

Mogalirekulu Serial Watch Online

The storyline revolves around three boys Daya, Dharma and Satya along with their sister Shanti. All of them were subjected to family problem and in this journey Keerthana joins them who loses her mother at a very young age. At a very young age itself Dharma starts working for a Don and in the beginning when they come to Hyderabad they get separated with their sister Shanthi. 


Shanthi grows up amongst all the struggles and problems. Later she is married to RK Naidu who is an cop and responsible officer. Her brother Dharma joins hands with Selva rajan who is the inherit of the Don and together they do all the illegal activities.

Mogalirekulu Serial Watch Online

Eventually RK Naidu and Dharma become enemies and RK Naidu finds out that Dharma is the brother of Shanthi So he asks for him to change, After loads of thinking and all. Dharma decides to change for the good and leaves Selva Rajan’s side. Here is another twist, Keerthana is in love with Dharma.

But Selva is in love with Keerthana. In midst of all Keerthana has her own problems as well. Every character in this serial has a problem, When Dharma leaves his side. Selva doesn’t like it, and he plans to kill RK Naidu and his family with a bomb. The family is happy with Shanthi who has given birth to a boy but in the bomb blast. The boy goes missing and Daya the younger brother dies. Eventually the family survives, But they live on a grudge that they have lost everything. The rest of the story is all about how that lost boy comes to his family and how does he grow up. Every episode is wonderful and you will definitely love it.

Here are the cast details of Mogalirekulu Serial:

  • Sagar as RK Naidu and Munna Bhai.
  • Sheela Singh as Shanthi.
  • Indraneel as Dharma.
  • Selva Raj Arumugam as Selva Swamy.
  • Sruthi as Gomathi.
  • Pavan Sai as Eshwar.
  • Ravi Krishna as Durga.
  • Medha Bahri and Raga Madhuri as Keerthana.

There are many others included in this serial, So these are the details of evergreen Mogali Rekulu serial and the cast details.

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