Mounaraagam TV Serial Cast Details

Mounaraagam TV Serial Cast Details

Mounaraagam TV Serial

Mounaraagam is an Telugu Serial which is aired on Maa TV. This is a family drama, It is said that this serial is the remake of the Bengali Televsion Serial Potol Kumar Gaanwala which was aired in 2015 in Star Halsha.

Mounaraagam TV Serial Cast Details

The story of this serial revolves around a girl named Mallika who falls in love with an singer Karthick Krishna, After the marriage. Karthick leaves his pregnant wife Mallika alone in Chennai and later he is forced to marry Kadhambari who is the daughter of a music company owner named Viswanathan. Meanwhile, Both the ladies give birth to their daughter and they name them Shakthi and Shruthi. Shakthi is the daughter of Mallika and Shruthi is the daughter of Kadhambari.


This is the story revolves around two girls Shakthi and Shruthi and how they come to terms with their father. The cast of this serial are:

1) ShivaKumar Marihal

ShivaKumar Marihal is an Indian actor, He was born on 1st January 1993. He was born and brought up in Kerala. His hobbies are photography, Listening to music and playing football as well. The actor is very much involved on Social media, and his work in Mouna Ragam serial is appreciated by the audience. 

2) Priyanka M Jain

Priyanka M Jain is a wonderful and talent actress. Her parents wanted her to see on screen and Priyanka fulfilled her parents dreams. Priyanka has been working in the industry from past few years. In the initial stages of her career she worked as an extra or side roles in the project. Later she got a lead role in Goli Soda which is  a Kannada flick and got her big break. Her work in Mouna Ragam is exceptional and audience loved her performance.

So these are the details of MounaRagam Serial and the cast details of the serial.


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